Friday, April 13, 2012

The Money (pt. 4)

What I had forgotten about were the dogs. The good thing is, although they are not my number one fans, they are both tea cup poodles and they cowered under the television stand after I hurled a fake kick in their direction. I head to the bathroom and find it to be immaculately clean, unlike the rest of the house. I turn on the water and just get in, clothes and all and begin scrubbing. I am mersmerized by the swirl of red that circles the drain before going away. My mind is filled with thoughts of stupid CSI shows and all the ways they catch a killer. Luckily.... or perhaps unluckily they will probably never find Shawn's body, because these guys clean up shop very quickly and very effectively. I start to peel off clothes as the red color starts to fade and I allow myself to soak in the heat of the shower and try to let it wash the memories away. Instead I keep seeing my blood covered hands fall down on a body that is no longer moving.

I leave my clothes in the shower when I climb out. I drip water all over the floor as I look through his cabinet for a towel. He has an overabundance of big fluffy towels and I flip the towel out before wrapping it around me. As I leave the bathroom I realize one other miscalculation. Shawn was shorter wider and more metallic then I am, which means finding clothes might be a problem. I flip through things and find a huge t-shirt and some pants, that have a layer of dust on them, that are only 4 sizes too big. It will work if I use a belt and cinch it up tight. The alternative I have is that I could relive the style of my youth and let the pants hang low.... so all the ladies can see my rear end.

I emerge from the bathroom, with the belt as tight as I can make it, and hear the welcoming growls of the still cowering dogs. I walk past them, which causes a bit of yipping, and I head into the kitchen to look for food. I am greeted by a pile of dirty dishes and an overstuffed trash can, that has a faint odor of rotting fruit to it. I look around for food anyway and I find a frozen dinner that looks somewhat edible and I throw it in the microwave for the required time. Then I grab a beer from the fridge and I sit down and begin eating with Shawn's last clean fork.

After I finish I decide to take a look around. I peak in drawers, cookie jars, containers, piggy banks and I start piling up things that might be of use. I have a wad of cash, a gun, some travelers checks and a knapsack piled in the middle of his couch. It is when I look in the garage that I see what I never knew that I was looking for. I see a Harley Davidson Fat Boy sitting there begging to be rode. I locate the keys hanging on his key rack and I head back in and grab the knapsack. I open the garage, back the bike up and then crank over the engine. It gives a loud satisfying growl. I put the helmet on my head and I take off down the road. I notice a van drive past me as I sit waiting to turn right off the street and I recognize one of the people in it. I turn the corner and pick up speed and hope they failed to notice me or the stolen bike.


Anonymous said...

hi there think they blocked me or something , give them a call there very helpfull

Anonymous said...

Hack again?!