Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Hello everyone. I wanted to remind you that not only is the nomination deadline pending but I am also headed to Phoenix this Sunday. That's right you have read my blog for months now and finally I am coming to your city! Line up Phoenicians' because here I come! I am in town March 11th - March 18th and you can be a part of my whirlwind tour simply by emailing or calling. So get out your dollar bills because I like working for tips! Wait... no! No working but tips are nice! Woo-yeah let's all go do Jello shots and Saki bombers because I feel like yakking in a bush!

Disclaimer: Tips do not guarantee a fun time will be had. Saki bombers and Jello shots are not endorsed by the Blogger community nor is yakking in a bush. Any harm caused to you or your shrubbery are no fault of Mr. Williams, Crazed Lunatik Designs or this blog. No connection can be made to this trip, and any shenanigans inherent within, and the upcoming awards show. Although Mr. Williams is a huge sponsor of the Repetitive Task Awards and some may even claim he created them it in noway implies that the show will pay for any shrubbery damaged during Mr. Williams week long trip to Phoenix. All shrubbery defilement is at the risk of any shrubbery maintenance crew and the purveyor of said shrubbery.

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