Monday, March 19, 2007

Vacations are hard Work

I am home again and I can't tell you how nice it was to just sit about today and not run around to 4 or 5 different places. I had taken today off as a way to recover from the trip and I am glad I did. I could not keep my eyes open yesterday nor today. I caught up on all that sleep I lost over the last 7 days. Tomorrow I am back at work answering people's silly questions and playing nice with the upset batch. I figure I owe you all a quick rundown of what took place the past week.

Last Sunday I flew in to Phoenix around 2:30 PM. I got off the plane and my sinuses started acting up and I would go through hundreds of tissues over the next week and even now as I sit here typing this. I headed back to my mom's abode where after hanging my clothes I was toured around the house to view the new paint. I really liked the main rooms brown color and the office's blue color. I did not care as much for the lilac color of the bedroom and bathrooms but it was still nice. The first thing I have to tell you is that it was hot. Too dang hot, the room I have when I stay there did not cool down until around midnight. The room is nice in the early morning though, so the goal is to hang out until after midnight and get up before 9 AM. Which honestly was not much of a problem. Anyway after the tour we headed to Macayo's and met Maryann and Glenn for dinner. I had a crazy monkey drink that came with a coconut carved to look like a monkey. He is at home with me sitting next to my Tiki guys. That night I was in bed by 9 PM because Maryann and Glenn don't party and my mom is more of a 4 AM riser then a 4 AM crasher. This was when I found out the room was not habitable for me before midnight. I was tossing and turning and around 11 PM I called it quits and moved inside the house to a couch.

Monday. My mom and I went for a short hike at South Mountain, Then ran some errands, met Maryann for Indian food for lunch, and went to see a movie. We saw Breach which was better then I had expected it to be. Then I was headed off to Kevin's where we had big Burgers and lots of beer.

Tuesday. I hung out with my mom, Jason, and Katie all day. We started the day by going scootering at Tempe Town Lake. Then we went and picked up my brother and the kids pop, John and we headed back to Macayo's where I had a margarita instead of a cool monkey drink. Then we went bowling. I finished 1st on the first game and last on the second game. It was a good time. Then we rented movies and watched them until John and his friend Brian showed up. We had dinner, a few beers and a few girl scout cookies. Then Everyone left and I watched TV for a few hours.

Wednesday. I met up with Pete and headed to the driving range and we went through a bucket of balls. Neither of us looked very good so thank us now for not tearing up the golf course and causing 12 hour delays on tee times. Then we headed to AJ's and had a cup of coffee and caught up on the news of the day and the impending basketball tournament. Once we were finished with the coffee we headed to C-Fu for dim sum which was good and then ran to target and bought a few things, including a sweet Borat shirt. I was a little tired that night so I stayed close to home.

Thursday. My mom and I got up a wee bit earlier and went hiking with Becky. Then we came back and chopped things for the party on Saturday. We cruised over to pick John and Brian up and then headed to Chipotle for lunch. We wanted to go to the art museum that day but we really did not have time to drive downtown at 2:30 and be back by 5:30. We would not have enough time to get around the art museum and then we would have to fight traffic to make it back across town to RA for Sushi and Saki. So we went to price club and bought items for the party on Saturday and then we headed to the book store to kill some time. We ended up picking up John and Brian from their work because the car they had brought had not been worked on during the day and had just barely went into the shop. So we then headed back to RA got a table and ordered some drinks. My brother and Brian went for a Bud Light and my Mother went for Saki and I went for the Saki Bomber. Maryann arrived and we ordered food. Then Kevin, Becky her brother Tony and the new baby Mercedes all arrived and more drinks and food was ordered. My mom got good and schnockered with like 5 and a 1/2 saki's (it wasn't 6 because she and my brother knocked the second one over while rearranging for the food) and went home with John and Brian's help. Maryann headed home and Kevin, Tony, Becky, Mercedes and I headed to BevMo and purchased a ridiculous amount of alcohol and when we got to Kevin's house we proceeded to put a huge dent into it. Kevin and I ended up drinking until 4 AM and the next morning it took a bit to get our sorry carcasses moving.

Friday. I start the day off watching Looney Tunes. Then Kevin gets up and I realize what time it is and start hurrying him a bit. We head out the door and across the reservation back to civilization and meet up with Pete for a Spring Training game. It was the Angels and the Brewers and I believe the Brewers won. I was distracted by every girl that walked by so sue me, plus it was Spring Training so the game doesn't matter. We had a good time. Kevin and I had a hot dog and a beer. Which cost 12.50 keep in mind the tickets were only 13.00. I was still a wee bit hungry so I had nachos and a soda since it was bloody hot outside. When the game ended it took us almost an hour to get out of there. When I got to my mom's house the three of us split up and I headed to the shower. I was due across town in about an hour. My mom had went to run an errand about the same time I was turning on the hot water and when I got out Becky showed me the truck's tire that had suffered a huge blow out earlier that day. When my mom came back I headed out the door to Doug and Amber's place where we had a nice night and I headed home and went to bed early.

Saturday. The next day I was up and helping my mom get ready for the party and then Pete came and whisked me off to meet with Bob R. at Dim Sum. It was a good time once again. Then I headed home and ran around with my mom trying to find 20 oz clear disposable cups for beer. Finally I convinced her to settle on the 16 oz. cups. I was dragging a little my allergies were flaring up big time and I was exhausted. When the party started I kicked into the other gear and with a few black and tan's I was ready to go. The night was fun, the run out was good and Maryann, John, Arlinda and I stayed up gabbing until late and finally called it a night. Maryann stayed over for the night. Which was a good idea, the wine was not so kind to her.

Sunday. I was up and itching to go home. The allergy medicine stopped helping the day before and I was exhausted. I sat around talking with Maryann and my mom until it was airport time. Then I was able to read and wait for the plane to arrive and whisk me away. I went home and crashed.

Monday. I watched some movies that had been piled up in the mail from Netflix and spent the rest of the day sleeping. Now I am getting ready for my return to work. BOO!

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