Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Repetitive Tasks Awards So Far

Well we seem to be at a standstill with the television stations, they just don't seem interested. I was even turned down by the local public access television, apparently you have to pay them to get on the air. The companies I have contacted about sponsoring my show always put my name on the spam block list and last week I spent a night with Agent Smith who did not like me trying to buck the award show system. I had the weirdest dream that he implanted a mechanical bug into my body to monitor my movements..... and my mouth disappeared so I couldn't scream. Weird, eh? A few nights later my computer told me to follow the white rabbit and a knock came at the door and a little white rabbit entered carrying a bottle of absinthe and the next thing I knew I was curled up in a ball with other rabbits around in a little burrow. I have no idea how rabbits stay so clean.... I was completely muddy. In the meantime I did get a few more nominations for a few award categories, so here is how they stand at the moment.

Paying Your Bills Award
Dale W

Bad Music Lover Award
Glenn S

The Night Snorer Award
Maryann S

Daily Showering Award
Pete S

Deleting Spam Emails Award
Pat G (she even has to delete Spam emails at work)

Phone Call Transfer Award
Crystal H (She spent most of a day transferring incoming calls to other departments)

The deadline to enter is this Friday! You will get an award for winning and you will have your acceptance speech published. You will be almost famous! Enter today!

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