Wednesday, May 09, 2007

All New Blog Entries Until I Stop Writing Them!

Have any of you been watching anything on NBC lately? I am sure all of you are much to smart to be watching the crap they push on you at NBC. I am just saying that I am not. I have been watching NBC kind of half heartedly. I like Heroes but I am not sure exactly why because to me it does not seem very likable. I bet that last confession just put somebody into therapy. The other show I like is The Real Wedding Crashers. It is usually hard to watch in one sitting so I usually tape it and watch it in spurts. I can't imagine a second season. It could only get zanier and I am betting that would get less fun super quick. My favorite scene was in this last Monday's episode and it involved a guy named Skippy who is not what you would call a ladies man... anyway they set two girls up to argue over him and have him just sitting there looking confused, here is a video clip.Anyway these shows are not the reason I wanted to talk about NBC. Although mentioning popular shows does raise my hit count and I always like that. The reason I am talking about NBC is there advertising sucks lately. They have been ending all their show announcements with the phrase (pardon the bold): "ALL NEW UNTIL THE END OF THE SEASON". Pardon me if I am missing something but isn't that how every single television season works? If I recall correctly it works this way: new shows until the season is over and then reruns. Now of course it works this way 3 new shows then a mid-season hiatus so long that they show 14 prior seasons and then premier 4 new shows. Then the season is over and we have a break until the next season. Every time I hear that phrase I feel like turning the TV off and picking up a book. I have read 7 books in the last month. And has the nerve to ask "Where have all the viewers gone?" I am all over that! We can never tell when it is actually new shows on the damn TV so now we rent the damn show from Netflix! MORONS!!!

The show that seems to be firmly attached to this new tagline seems to be ER. I have to ask this. Who in their right minds still watches this show? I have never been a fan, admittedly, but I amazed the damn thing is still on! Seriously George CLooney was last on that show in 1978! End this show soon! Why is it still on? When they start having tag lines like "ER: The Wedding' the show is way past over.

Seeing how I am in mid rant here I think I am going to switch gears. Have you looked at Craigslist for pets? If you haven't go do it now. There seems to be some trend in the world of animal adoption that says in order to properly entice people to take this animal you must type the note as if you are the animal. I have a few examples here: Ex 1, EX 2, & Ex 3 (my favorite). What is wrong with people? I first of all know animals can't type but I feel that if they could they would not type up this crap. I think these animals have to be ten times smarter then these owners that are trying to ditch them. Every time I read a note like this I feel like taking the person to the pound to be put to sleep! Who thought it would be clever to start doing this? Why does this continue? I figure if you really want to type as if you are the animal at least give the animal an edge or something. Here is my example of a proper dog writing a letter trying to get a new home:
Example 1
Seriously ya gotta spring me this dame is all batty! It just gonna be like 200 for the papers and I am a free dog. I swear I'm good for it! I won't poo on your rug more then every other Tuesday! I will only eat the ugly fluffy couch pillow! I'm a good dog I deserve to live! Seriously the other day I was snipped! I mean I am harmless, I won't even hump your stuffed Kermit the Frog! Please just come and bust me outta here! There is all these other dogs and I have to sleep with one eye open! The pound ain't a place for pretty faced dogs like me! Honest it ain't! I can't even turn the corner without someone dropping the soap. I am too young to die! C'mon mista! I ain't gonna cost you much and the dames will really like me. I am a lady pleaser. I won't even pass gas in front of them or nothin! HONEST YA GOTTA HELP!!! I'M BEGGIN YA!!!

Example 2
Hey look at this bloody mess of a hat! They got me wearing this outfit like I am some sorta suuuper model or some such nonsense! It is bollocks if you ask me I ought to chomp their face off I should! Serve' tha lot of 'em right, dontcha think? Granted I'm not the tallest dog on the yard but a bloody raincoat! What am I Paddington bloody Bear? That one is a right jerk if you ask me! Sitting around in a raincoat all day wif nuthing going on ahtall! Should be ashamed he should! He's a ruttin' ol' bear not a bloody train station commuter. Where does a bear go that he needs a locomotive? It's bloody nonsense if you ask me! Anyway I would love to come to your home if you are not a right idiot that thinks they should dress me up in some bloody fool outfit. It just isn't decent! Cheers!

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