Monday, May 21, 2007

Newsy News

Wasn't that the most interesting review of a weekend I have ever done?

Anyways I have some news.

Kevin K admitted he secretly loves the Bee Gee's.

Doug and Amber had their twin girls this last week and they are super cute.

I am apartment hunting but currently have had no luck.

And that is the news.


Anonymous said...

i do not love the bee gees. any attempt to tarnish my reputation as having an affection for the bee gees is a slander against all that is right and holy. i denounce such people as would make such reckless accusations and stuff.

just kidding. they were kind of pimp back in the day. think r kelly, but white, and with froes.

Mike said...

You big ol' disco lover! You are a Disco lovin' Queen!

Anonymous said...

R Kelly? So they made sex tapes...

Michael Williams said...

Wasn't that what that movie 8mm was about?