Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Training and more training

It was another fantabulous day in my life. I had a car that ran and a completely cleaned out checking account and more then likely my pop had a squeaky clean checking account as well. Stupid mechanic nonsense! Let's not waste times on trivial matters of past events. I will move forward. I went to work for the first day of training on the new systems. It wasn't too bad, they had us using the system right away which was a major complaint before for me. The class has a sense of humor and so does the trainer which is a good thing because that is how I stay awake is by laughing and making the boring stuff seem fun. It was about mid-day when I had my first wave of horror. As I sat eating my microwaved disaster I remembered that I had continuing education class that night from 6 to 9. The class, although tedious and horrible, was not the issue. The issue was my empty bank account and the lack of preparing for two meals today. I had brought one lunch and had a dollar fifty in my pocket. I was doomed to have a bag of chips and a can of soda for dinner. Then the reality of only one friend being in the class with me sank in. I was without entertainers and people to complain with. Then the reality of being at work from 7:45 to 4:30 hit really hard and I felt despair. I was sitting at my desk after being let out of training early.... waiting for the clock to hit 4:30 so I could clock out. I was a little confused as to what to do about dinner and what to do for an hour and a half. When the girl next to me gave me a buck towards dinner and I found 50 cents in my soda fund. I ran to Wendy's and got a 2.99 meal deal. It made my night. My coworker rocks!! Please forget about me damning her in the last blog for being right about my car! Then I just sat around and caught up on some email and looked at couches online at IKEA. Not that I will ever be able to buy a couch but I looked anyway.

The ce class was almost like the last class I took. The same monkey brained guy kept making comments and I kept feeling like kicking him during the presentation or shanking him.... Then I got a brilliant idea and I drew a story where the guy was eaten by my character Croc. Actually he was beheaded by Croc. Which made me giggle and kinda of ended up helping me overcome my ire. Kind of... I think I am skipping the next ce class.

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