Sunday, August 06, 2006

The amazing allure of the dollar

So my life and my job status are in upheaval.... An interesting series of events have made me switch career paths already.... It seems that the best thing to do is write a blog about.... About shopping.

I headed out last night to get a gallon of milk. I had found out that the nearby Walgreen's had milk for sale at a $1.99 per gallon of milk. That is the most I am willing to pay for milk. Anything higher is too high. That was the only reason I was in there and that was the only thing I was going to buy. I was wandering about looking at things because you should always shop at a leisurely pace and you should never shop for groceries on an empty stomach. I was slowly making my way to the cooler when I spied a box of Crunch n' Munch for a dollar. Now had it been a dollar and change it would have been overlooked but something about the magical price of a dollar seems to make sense to me. Anything for a dollar has a higher chance of being bought by me. Once it goes over a dollar I debate the merits of the purchase. A dollar is the magic price for me. So I grabbed a box. I continued on and as I neared the milk cooler I first passed the frozen food section. Last week I had bought a small pint of ice cream at the dollar price and I was checking to see if that sale was still going. It wasn't but that was when I noticed microwaveable french fries for a dollar. I soon realized that I needed to stop leisurely perusing the store because all I had was 5 dollars to spend anyway. So I grabbed the milk and dragged myself away from everything else that was priced with a huge dollar sticker. I would have bought a pair of blinders had they been a dollar just to make it out of the store. I paid for the items and hopped into the car and headed home wear I dined on Crunch n' Munch and french fries. Talk about health nut!

So what is the deal with my compulsion to buy things at a dollar price range? What makes me spend so much at the dollar store? Something about knowing that my items only cost a dollar a piece give me the illusion of frugality. In reality I spend 20 dollars easily every time I hit the dollar store. I love Albertson's as well because they have the 10 for $10 sales all the time. I try things that I would normally ignore if they are at the excellent and amazingly tantalizing price of a dollar. It is crazy! I have decided that I want to let major manufacturers realize that I am more then willing to eat smaller portions if they price those at a dollar. I am more likely to get on the bandwagon of new items if I can get them for a dollar. That being said I still think Mac and cheese should be 10 for a buck, candy bars should max out at a buck, I should be able to get a six pack soda for a buck and a gallon of gas for a buck. I might be a little behind the times on somethings but you know that if everything had a quantity for a dollar you would buy it too....

I think next time I get a date I might take her to the dollar store and say anything you want is yours... hehe

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