Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Thankfully, July is over!

Talk about a month to call it a day..... Seriously last month sucked big time! I was already in the middle of money troubles and the job was cutting way back on hours. I was a little worried but they kept giving me a new schedule. Imagine my surprise when I was told before I started the new schedule to take a hike. I had not liked the job that much and it wasn't doing me any favors with the low wage and the ever shrinking hours but not having anything was not a good thing. I have been job hunting for 2 weeks now. I lined up a bar job but I haven't started yet. I  have orientation Friday and hopefully I have a few work hours that weekend. I need money sooner then later. In the meantime I have nothing to do until then. I do have a bus pass so my plan to kill time will be to hop on a few busses and see what I can get up to. I do have another job interview on Friday. It is for a job with more money attached to it so I am still holding out hope. If I don't get it I will enroll in school and get a degree to do something neat or at least halfway neat....

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