Monday, August 28, 2006

Kicking out the latest and greatest....

I suppose everyone is wondering where I have been.... or maybe not. I have been working all week and that pretty much sums it up. I am not filled with angst or irritation, I am not jobless or underemployed, in fact I have too many jobs... That is a first and that may be the reason the blog entries have decreased. I have to give my notice at the tux job this week. That ought to be fun (please read that line with a hint of sad sarcasm). I know that Carolyn (the store manager) likes me and Ed (the company owner) does as well. It makes it a little harder to leave knowing that but I highly doubt they are going to raise my salary up enough to make the other offer go away. I don't see why they would. If they did they would have to raise a lot of peoples wages and let's face it... that isn't good business. Or so they tell me. Good business is paying as low as possible and then complaining about the lack of loyalty and the difficulty in finding good solid employees. Good business is laying off hundreds even thousands of workers in order to prevent yourself from having a bad quarter. Good business is not trying new things because they might fail. Good business is not something I am interested in or even particularly fond of... I would love to be a multimillionaire but I really don't think I have the right mentallity to ever get that accomplished. I finally said it... I am not the next Bill Gates. Oh well. The reality of the situation is I want a livable wage and to not work myself to death to accomplish this. I know work is a necessary evil even though it galls me that work takes up so much of everyone's life. I have always felt that work should be less of a focal point in our day to day interaction. I have even wrote the line "I am not my job" in this very blog. Unfortunately other people don't see the world that way. You either have a respectable job and a good living or you are not worth the time. I want to get out of debt and work on building a future instead of worrying about how to get through one more week of poverty. That is why I am heading to the best paying gig since I left Liberty Mutual two years ago. This time thought I don't have to sell anything.... I just have to deal with upset people. Guess what every job I have ever had I have dealt with upset people. Do you know why? People are emotional creatures we go through a new set of emotions every few seconds. We are also a bunch of whiny windbags.... You know it's the truth. I mean my whole blog is full of me this, me that and a heckuvalota woah is me's! So I am returning to a call center but this call center will actually pay me a decent wage....

In the meantime I have made some interesting decisions about what I need to do to find a better fit in the future. I have been all over the place in the last month or so with different schools and what not but I am finally realizing that whatever I do it needs to be something creative. Photography, writing, animation.... maybe all of it. I figured that much out now I need to figure out how to make it happen.

Speaking of creative endeavors..... Kevin K has started taking photos at weddings for people. He asks for a little bit more then his costs and hands over tons of shots to people. He still is in the digital only stage but he is taking on a few projects where he will produce a whole album for a few weddings. I mean a hard copy album by the way. That is pretty exciting. In other news Becky K is very pregnant and the baby should be arriving sometime this upcoming month.

Their is another Kevin that has been in my thoughts lately. My college roommate and good friend Kevin C has announced his upcoming wedding recently. It seems I will be heading to LA sometime next year.

My mom has been on a rollercoaster so far this year with her new job as a Junior High resource teacher. She has had great days and horribly abysmal days. She is always seeking advice from me and other people and I have been telling her all along the same thing. Keep going into work everyday caring about these kids and things will work out. That is the only true path to achieving what you need to do, plugging away until the job is done. Everytime I tell her that I get to remind myself of that fact. The only way to get what you need is to go out and seek it out. The only way to do that is to get up everyday and work towards it. Whatever 'it' may be.

In other news my grandpa has been having problems with the government lately. Recently the government discovered the classified him wrong when doling out his pension and have decided tat he owes them for their mistake. So for the next 18 months he will not be getting a check.... Seems like a good call, right? I don't really get how a decision that is your responsibility and done by you or in this case by your human resources department is someone elses mess to clean up. The mistake is yours and the correct way to fix it is too stop overpaying and suck up the lost income. The mistake was on your end after all. The government is retarded. I love that their solution is too take it back by not giving him anything for a year and a half. There by making their error his problem. Talk about a compassionate system. To add to all this he has been having heart problems in which his heart slows down to scary levels which result in him not having enough blood pumping to get energy to do anything. On a good note he found some people to sell some of his garden's crop too. He has been making a little cash by selling Okra in town to some local business. He has had a few calls already for a new supply to be delivered.

Well I hope you are in good health as you read this.... Drop me a line sometime.

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