Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Baby, Job talk, holiday plans ramble

The baby take 2:

Mercedes Rose is 7 pounds 5 ounces and 20.5 inches long. It is still cute... as far as I have been told.

On to other things:

I wanted to let everyone know that I recieved a call right before I spilled the beans about my impending departure from the tux job. The call was from the new job saying that they wanted me to push back my start date until the 25th because I was licensed. So I am still working incognito at the tux place. I recently saw a bit of reality with the tux shop as far as pay is concerned and I have no intention of making a quick change to the tux job as a career. I was talking to the manager and she was telling me her annual salary would be still less then I would make with the insurance company. That included her commission. That was enough for me. It just isn't enough money to work as hard as you do. My back and feet are killing me and everyday I get less and less excited about the next day. Yeah it will be good to get out of there while I can still enjoy it. I wish I had some cash to take advantage of the dress clothes discounts but unfortunately I do not. I can order a suit and pay cost plus ten percent. Oh and I am not just talking tuxedos! Oh well.

So does anyone have any Labor Day plans? I was thinking about a little bbq action and maybe a beer. Then the landlord struck by leaving an evil note saying no bbq'n on the patio or the decks.... but it fails to tell you where you can bbq. This bums me out a bit and I have no back up plan. My dad is going to some fossil beds in Eastern Oregon with Maryjo. I had been thinking of heading down there and poking around but that is a no go. I will let you know what I come up with..... you should let me know what you are doing. And if you are wondering if my you means you you, it does. Hehe. You big group of non emailing peeps!

I have recently decided to pursue a degree in media arts and animation through the Art Institute and I will be sending in my application tomorrow. I had to wait because you need to pay the 50 dollar admission fee these days. I didn't have 50 dollars in fact I still don't. I am borrowing it from my dad. It will be an online degree so I can work it into my schedule no matter when I work. It will work with my focus on working a job and squashing my debts taking precedence. I like the idea of the flexibility and the curriculum had a lot of the things I want to learn anyway. SO I am just doing it.

Other then that I have nothing new to add..... Ramble out.

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