Monday, August 21, 2006

The book reading

After I tinkled into a cup for the requisite drug test I hopped into my car and headed 20 minutes away to a Border's bookstore where the book reading and signing would take place with Adriene Barbeau. I was early so I grabbed a few comics to read while I waited then I migrated upstairs until I could get a great big comfy seat. I continued reading until she was introduced and started talking. It was alot of fun her stories she read were funny and she was extremely nice and approachable. I picked up a copy and then immediately prayed that I didn't need to gas up until after the 1st which will be my next payday. I stood in line while people that actually knew things about her career went up and talked to her about this or that. I really had nothing to say even though I had seen her in a few things so I had her sign my book, snap a photo and I asked about her website because I like everyone to be able to access people and things I talk about. She was gracious and showed me that it was on her bookflap.... I thanked her and ran away. I had really enjoyed listening to her talk and read. I would greatly enjoy getting an audiobook of this ladies stories. It is interesting to me that until 6 years ago she never considered herself a writer but in the first chapter of her book she talks about writing journals since she was in the fifth grade. You don't have to be published or hang out in coffee shops and read melodramatic poems to people that like the poem only when it makes no sense to be a writer. A writer is someone who has a hard time not writing everyday. Someone who struggles with the right words to fully express the emotions that flew threw them through the days. Someone that absolutely has to write even if they never plan on sharing them. A writer is more then a job it is a way of life. I am a writer. I write even when I am not posting it for you to read. I am a writer even though you can't buy my words in the bookshop or on the newsstand. It was great to hear how this book came about and that she will have future books on the way. She was signed to write a series of vampire novels, which made me giggle. From not thinking of herself as a writer to being published and then being tapped to write a series.... not a writer my hind parts! It was fun to hear her talk about the different projects she was a part of. The television shows, the movies, and the plays. She seems to be a fascinating person and I look forward to reading this book. So if you know who she is and if you don't chek her out... she seems worth her salt. The book is titled "There Are Worse Things I Could Do". You might recognize that line from a song sung by Rizzo in Grease. She was in the Broadway version.

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