Saturday, March 22, 2008

Paper is done!

I am done with the paper that begins my third class. Yay! My prior two classes were A's and I am hoping to keep that streak going. We shall see. I am not terribly confident about this last paper but I did my best.

Anyway the first beer festival is this weekend and I am hoping to make it after school but I may not. That makes me sad. This is not only the first but in my humble opinion the best one they have up here. They have a lot of them up here though. Anyway if I get a chance to go tonight I will let you know the happenings. Due to the Easter holiday I can not just go tomorrow. Why would they have it Easter weekend? Speaking of Easter why is it so freaking early this year? I think next year it will be the same week as Valentine's day at the rate it is climbing. Well happy Easter to everyone! I hope you eat lots of candy!

Well I have to drive across town for class so I should probably eat something!

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