Thursday, March 27, 2008

Where God lives!

It seems to me if you know how to look, most people have something to teach you. I keep reminding myself that at work as my time gets closer to an end. I tend to get exasperated waiting for things and I tend to get careless. I think this was my careless week. I desperately need to never have another careless week again. At least not this careless.... ha! Oh well it is nearly over and almost behind me. C'mon and hurry up June 27th!

Anyway as I am trying not to explode in a big ball of apathy at work I am also trying not to implode with a sudden feeling of overwhelming irritation at the current class's textbook. I do not like it.... it is completely boring and devoid of interest. I am sure that this material is not only good to know but could be quite engaging in the hands of someone else. The author should be publically flogged! She says things that are promising like "I do not want to wax too rhapsodic about....." and then follows it with a paragraph so boring I nodded off. Rhapsodic it was not. Who uses the freaking term rhapsodic?? Really! You know what I have learned about what we know about child development.... NOTHING! But hey we have some ideas about what might be going on... Fantastic! If I used this approach in my writing I could probably come up with a couple books about where God lives. I have no actual idea or any way of proving it but I think he is on Pluto and he is pissed that Pluto is no longer considered a planet! Fear his rath you stupid stupid sheep! Belly button lint will plague all the men of this world! Women will have to shave their legs to prevent hair from growing! Children will have to first learn to read before reading! It is of utter catastrophic proportions! Please scientists call Pluto a planet again! For the love of the holy one who resides on the majestic ice ball say it is a freaking planet!

Pray for the weekend ye of the gentle faith!

This entry inspired a sequel... The story of the inaccurate demotion of Pluto


Anonymous said...

That is funny. :) xxoo-sis

Michael Williams said...

Why thank you sis.