Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Get Smart: A Rambling Review

I hated the television show.... I tried to like it but ruth be told I hated it. That beng said I have no clear recollection what the dang show was like so I had no way of putting this show in perspective as it applies to the show.

One thing I knew is that it had Anne Hathaway.

As far as I am concerned that is a reason to watch it.... Yeah there were other stars but who really cares? I don't.

Anyway the review.

Max is a complete dork. An office worker that dreams of making the all emcompassing status of AGENT. Anyway somehow he passes the tests, is a good shot and is somehow brilliant and a total dumbass all at the same time. Yet he does not get promoted until he meets Agent 99.... Anne. Oh I love Anne!

Why does it say agent 86?

Uh.... OK. At the same time she shows up the headquarters gets attacked. All over the place agents are eliminated. So he gets paired up with 99 because she just got out of reconstructive surgery and noone knows what she looks like (which, by the way, is like the completely hot Anne Hathaway!!!!).

Of course she thinks he is a tool... mainly because he is. However he does manages to get a few things right... and she starts to like him. When they have to arrest him for being a double agent! AAAHH!

So anyway... the movie continues and the world ends... or does it? I guess you will have to go see it.

I liked this movie it was funny, clever and a feel good type of movie. Steve Carrell is good in it, the Rock is funny, and Anne is simply fantastic in every way! The casting was great... they even got the Hiro guy from Heroes! Did I mention Anne Hathaway is in it and looks stunning?



Nancy said...

Oh my.. I love Anne Hathaway.. she is definitely a chick I'd turn lesbian for, rofl!

Anonymous said...

Anne is pretty damned hot! I wonder if she needs pool boy or something, hmmm.....

Michael Williams said...

Nancy & Chadderbox - Anne Hathaway is my wife!

EdieS said...

Isn't Anne simply wonderful? She is lovely a sweet fresh way, and not in a "I look like plastic surgery barbie " sort of way.

I loved her in this- a total badass!

Michael Williams said...

Yes she is fantastic in the non-knifed up way. Although it is hard for me to see her ass a "total badass" no matter what the role. She looks to sweet and tempting for me to believe she is ruthless or a "total badass"

Anonymous said...

hey, didn't see the flick, but Anne whatever her name does look hot, I like big tits even though I don't like girls, that's a whole other conversation...

thanks for the entertainment,

Michael Williams said...


that is pretty damn Funny Cabman. and yes large breasts are quite fun... even if all you are doing is noticing them.