Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The second day

Sorry for the delay in posting more info on the San Francisco trip but I had a huge wave of apathy wash over me. Ok so I left off at the end of Monday....

Tuesday morning we were planning on going to a bar to watch the Tour de France... after some investigation my mom and Becky had discovered that a bar claimed to be open at 6 and that we could watch the tour there. So we set the alarms for 5 and planned to leave by 5:30. I unfortunately woke up at 4 so I was ready to go by the time they woke up. Anyway we hopped a few busses and walked down to the bar. It was closed and did not open until 11 am. So apparently some wires were crossed. We were trying to figure out what to do at 6 AM so we decided to head back to the hotel to have a free breakfast. Breakfast was available at 7 AM so I took a little nap while waiting for 7 to roll around.

We debated our next move and soem fantastic ideas were tossed around. We ended up going on a boat tour of the bay. The tour had a recorded track that had actors voice important historical figures in San Francisco's past. They told us a lot about the place and even told us about the Golden Gate bridge construction. We sailed under the bride right next to one of the supports. I would have to say the view was fantastic. Then we sailed back toward the docks but made a stop near Alcatraz and we got a nice view of the island. I had been to Alcaraz before and that was fun but it was neat to have the voices telling us about life on the rock. One of the voices told us about his failed escape attempt.

Then we came back into the dock and got off. We walked down to a pub next so the ladies could watch the bicycle race. We had some fantastic sweet potato fries and garlic fries and a few beers.

When the race concluded we headed down to the Exploratorium. It is a hands on science museum designed to teach kids things. What actually happens is kids run wild and get very annoying. I made it through a third of the exhibits before tiring of the kids running amuck. I would not mind going when the place was empty or filled with sensible people. There was no attempt to figure out what was going on just a bunch of kids punching buttons. Occasionally a few kids would be accompanied by adults and the adults would guide them through the lesson but mostly it was like Pinocchio's visit to the Island of Lost Boys. Utter insanity. My suggestion to the museum is maybe have a late night with cocktails for the curious adults once a year (or more depending on interest).

After that museum we wondered the wharf area again before heading back to the hotel. We had dinner at the Boudin Restaurant wher my choices were all very disappointing. Their clam chowder was light on the clams and heavy on the potatoes and the egg salad sandwich was bland. Luckily they make a mean sourdough bread. This might have been before the Exploratorium but I am having memory problems.... hehehe

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