Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tying up loose ends...

I just received my unofficial CBEST scores. I passed all sections and I did the best in math... which was the only section I studied. YAY!

I should be getting a replacement phone today.... which means I will be reachable tomorrow (due to charging time). I still need people's phone numbers because they existed only in my phone so please email me your number, my email is: crazedlunatik@gmail.com

OK getting back to last Friday. The last day at the evil insurance company ever! I slept in... that was wonderful. When I woke up I spent an hour and a half doing homework. Then my room mate and I headed into work. It was 11 AM... We turned in our badges and then headed to La Buca. We ended up becoming a party of 15 or so and we had a marvelous lunch.... well the food was OK. Then my friend Jana and I headed to the beer fest. We were there at it's opening at 3 PM.... Somewhere between 6 and 7 she headed home. I stayed there with my friend Jason, his wife and friends. At 9 PM they stopped pouring and I hopped on the MAX and headed home. Completely thirsty and totally sun drained. It was a warm day and possibly too warm to drink for 6 hours straight which is why I only spent the initial 20 bucks. It took me 6 hours! Anyway I was drained and I ended up drinking a vitamin water and a bunch of water when I got home. Then I drank a Sobe water. Then I had more water. The weekend was blazing hot and I ended up hiding out in libraries and Barnes and Noble... sometime within that time period I lost my phone and that soured the weekend. I had taken a few pictures while at the beer fest with my phone but they will never be seen.

Anyway I am working on statistics this week so if any of you know about statistics let me know I could use some guidance... The books aren't doing it!

And then I get my new phone! Yay! It was just delivered... I am charging it now. I should be back up and running tonight!

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