Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The day off

I was not real sure what I wanted to do with myself today, I had today off and this was the first day that I did not need to go to the insurance school to study. I woke up and had breakfast. I checked my email and noticed the astonishing lack of emails except from my mother. Thank goodness for moms, otherwise who would talk to us. Apparently in my case Kevin would so that was the other email I had. I started looking around for things to do and I decided to explore the blog world and I found blogger.com so I decided to give it a try. I was not real inspired to write so I headed out to hit downtown. The traffic was horrible and I was getting so irritated that I just decided to turn around. I realized I was starving so I headed to Baja Fresh and had some tacos that tasted good but just pushed everything in front of it out within 20 minutes. I decided to hit the park after the bowel evacuation and it was a nice day. I would say it was most definitely short weather. I of course was overdressed in jeans. I found a set of bleachers and sat down and did some writing until some guys drove up near me and started hitting golf balls and talking loudly. With the peace and tranquility shattered I moved on and returned to the sleeping rose garden and took a quick nap on the bench while I listened to my iPod.

It was not as nice as the day before but hey....

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