Sunday, April 16, 2006

Lackluster day

Well I did not get up to much today. I think I may head downtown tomorrow via the bus system. It will be my first time on the bus. I am kind of excited.

I have been doing laundry all day. Not much fun but it is a whole lot better when the crazy old lady with the furry little dog does not decide to tell me about something random. I always regret not carrying a tazer at least once during the day and more then once she has been the reason. I blame my tazer obsession on Veronica Mars. I always like how she just shocks the hell out of people. It is why I don't have one, because seeing someone get shocked may bring me to the dark side and I may start shocking the hell out of everyone. The old lady, the old ladies dog, my boss, my neighbors, the girl scout peddling cookies, the boy scout with his scout-a-rams tickets, the grocery store manager, security guards that tell me not to take pictures, Policemen just because and most definately attack squirrels. I figure the good thing is that I know this about myself and it causes me to avoid getting a tazer.

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