Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Note on My Dad

When my dad visited I put him in charge of figuring out where we would go Saturday afternoon. He let me decide and I do admit I might have picked incorrectly but that is not the point. We were heading over there and he handed me the books and wanted directions well the maps were tiny and I hadn't thought about grabbing my big map. So here we are driving around and he is asking me how far things are and I couldn't tell so he decides I needed a map of downtown. I have a Portland map in my car we just happened to be in his car. I say this but he apparently doesn't hear it so he continues on about the map of downtown and the absolute need that I have of one. We try to use the book maps to judge the distance from the art museum to Powell's but I still am not real sure how far it is. We drive to Powell's and we are walking around and he finds this little free map of downtown and he is telling me I should take it home and put it in my car. I actually already ahve this exact map and I also have a better map in the car in case you missed that point. I hold on to this little map thinking this is my version of the TPS Reports in 'Office Space' because I have a perfectly good map in my car it just is not with us. We tried to use it to find Widmer but of course Widmer is not in downtown so the map was useless. So I put the map down hoping it would be forgotten. He picks the map conversation right back up after we leave Widmer and were headed to the Olive Garden. I manage to leave the map in the car that night in another attempt to leave it behind in his car. Sure enough the next day as we head back from Shari's he sees the map. He starts telling me I need to keep the map because it would be helpful next time even though I still have a better map in my car. So after we do a quick run in to Albertsons so I can pick up some cereal and a few other items I put the map in my grocery bag to appease him.

"Did you get the memo about the DOWNTOWN MAP??" I already have a map. "Hmmm... well I 'll leave this one with you." Ok dad....

hehe I love ya dad.... :)
The map is in my car waiting for your next visit.

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