Saturday, April 29, 2006

The store has expanded!

So last night in a fit of inspiration I expanded the products offered at my store. In doing so I had to expand the store a bit so there are now three shopping sections.

The first store is the original store which contains a variety of items. It has the 'Enjoy Your World' mugs, the Magnolia Tree mouse pad, the attack squirrel magnet, the future civilization journal and George's sticker. It also has a few Stewey shirts and a stewey button that reads "I Helped Turn 'Fuzzy' into STEW!" The Stewey items at this store have an expiration date. They will disappear on May 30th, so if you like them you need to get them now.

The second store, the Stewey Store has only Stewey related items. It has 'Stewey and the Reaper' and the NEW 'Ode to Stewey' items. The Stewey and the Reaper items say: "Tell them I know who read the word Broccoli and said EWWWW!! Tell them I Know and I'm coming! You tell them I'm coming and the Reapers coming with me, you hear?! The Reapers coming with me!" The Ode to Stewey items say: "Ode to A RABBIT NAMED STEW!: We have had some good times buddy! I loved the late night mob hits even though all you let me do was drive and carry bodies.... I will miss that. I will also miss sharing the broccoli and cleaning up your staggering pile of poo everyday. I will really miss coming home to you viewing rabbit erotica and videos of broccoli fields that caused you to hump: my shoes, my pillow, my blanket, my broom, my trash can, and all the socks I left lying around. I will miss you stabbing me whenever you felt it was broccoli time. Gosh, those were fun times." This store has shirts, sweatshirts, pillows, tile coasters, stickers, clocks, magnets, hats, bags and aprons!

The third store is the Rent My Dad store. Since not everyone can afford to actually Rent My Dad I developed a line of more affordable Rent My Dad items! This store has shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, magnets, clocks, buttons, caps, aprons, ornaments and a pillow! Text on the shirts read: "Need Rain? Rent My Dad! Only at promise he will smile in your pictures!/Warning: My dad might not actually make rain! Use "Rent My Dad!" services at your own risk." The buttons say "RENT MY DAD! If You Need Rain You Need My Dad!" and the magnets say "Need rain? Rent My Dad! Available Exclusively at: Warning: Use of this product does not guarantee rain or that my dad will perform any chores!!"

Now my shop has more shopping choices! You know you need some CLD swag! Go there today and make your first of many purchases. The store is updated often so keep checking back for more items to fill your home!

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