Monday, December 03, 2007

December Happenings

Well I am looking forward to December! I am working on my Christmas Cards, hopefully you made the list this year. If not you can always bribe me. I am easy to bribe. I have a new idea that every recipient will say wow that was weird. Well everyone but the first 4 cards that were prior to my genius idea.

My roommate and I have a new computer desk from IKEA and I just put it together. Tomorrow I will relocate the computer to the desk but I am a wee bit tired now. We also have a new coffee table from IKEA. We are all about IKEA apparently. IKEA should sponsor me for mentioning them 4 times in this blog, but they don't.

Another thing on the radar is my trip to Phoenix on the 7th. Yeah I am going back to my hometown this weekend only. It is a special engagement for a limited time. Anyway if you live in Phoenix maybe I can fit you in, so if you are interested in possibly meeting up drop me a line.

I am knee deep in poetry reading for The Grove. I did not get as much done as I wanted too but my goal is to have it done asap. Anyway that is not the only reading going on. I printed my NANOWRIMO novel out so I can begin the first edit.

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