Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Rambling Review of Hot Rod!

This movie is dumb. Really really really really really dumb. But that was never really the question. If you saw a preview you knew this movie was going to be bad... Right now some of you are wondering why anyone would ever watch a movie like this. Some of you hate stupid comedies. Those people should never ever see this movie. Ever. Never ever. Never.

To say that this movie is a bad and stupid comedy is to know it's essence. It is stupider then Dumb and Dumber, Airplane, Biodome, Zoolander, Tommy Boy, Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore. Yet it is also completely awesome. Yeah I said it. This horrible movie is awesome. This is a keeper. This is a movie to watch on Stupid Guy Movie night, like my brother and I used to have. We watched a lot of Wayne's World, Dumb and Dumber and Beavis and Butthead. Much to the chagrin of his lovely wife. Yet we did not say it was Chick Flick Night or Incredibly Boring Foreign Film Night, we said it was Stupid Guy Movie Night. So if you have made it this far in the review you either really like me or you like really bad movies. In case you are wondering no I do not think this movie will be a movie the ladies will like. It's not their fault the ladies like to think, feel and grieve during their movies. They like to be fully engaged and tend to find comedy that requires no thinking to be a horrible waste of time. In fact if you happen to think even one time during this movie you will totally miss this movies point. Anyway to summarize: bad movie fans should see this.

Hot Rod is about a complete loser that dreams of being a stunt man like his dear old dead dad was. The problem is he is not any good at it. In fact if he was a real person he would be dead. The guy that plays Rod, Andy Samburg, is a SNL kid who did a funny skit called People Getting Punched Just Before Eating. Click on that if you like stupid skits.....

Anyway Rod is bad at being a stunt man but he has no clue that he is bad. He has a stepdad who he fights for 'respect' and always gets his butt handed to him. Anyway his stepdad is going to die because he has a bad ticker and the insurance does not want to fork 50 grand over to get him a new one. The worst part is Rod has never kicked his stepdad's behind so he can't let him die yet. Rod decides to do stunts so he can earn money to get the operation for ol' pop. Did I already mention he was not a good stuntman? His half-brother films everything and he also has two rejects for friends that help him out. Plus his neighbor is that totally hot crazy redhead from Wedding Crashers. She joins up to hang out with him because he is so "original' or something. In typical bad movie style she dates a total jerk but really should be with Rod... ok actually I never really ever bought into that a chick that hot would like Rod... or that she should ever actually end up with him either. You don't have too though. That's the beauty of not thinking. His brother puts together a movie showing how awesome at stunts Rod is and they decide to screen it to raise money to help Rod do a jump over 15 buses. Everyone laughs at him and he freaks out and breaks stuff and all the money he earns goes to pay for the damage. He gives up.... but of course gets over it in time to do the jump. In this movie you get to see this guy get hit by two vans, beat like a pinata, crash into a travel trailer, drown, be lit on fire and do a header into a swimming pool. There is no reason to not see it.... well except for the reasons I already told you not too.

Anyway I completely loved this movie and thought it was the worst movie ever all at the same time! Way to go Andy Samburg!

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