Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Work Tidings To All..... And To All A Good Strike!

Today was my work team's Christmas lunch. We all headed out to Pastini Pastaria. I had spaghetti and meatballs and they were decent. I would much rather drive 3 hours and have Maryjo's but I don't think she would want to feed my whole team nor that they would want to do a 6 hour round trip drive.... They might after they have her meatballs but not before. Anyway we went there and our supervisor bought everyone a bunch of appetizers and then we all paid for our own drinks and our main dish. I had so much food that I will not be eating anything tonight. We did not stop with the antipasto, cheese bread, garlic/cheese/artichoke dip, and our entrees. We also had cookies, candies, pie, cake and juice.... Oh my goodness! I am getting ill just thinking about it.... So much food. For my part I had a few cookies and candy but no pie or cake. We also had a white elephant gift exchange and I got stuck with a pink candle. Not only is it a pink candle but it is in a pink glass with a pink fuzzy flower pattern on it. Yeah..... awesome. Hahahaha I am keeping the thing at work, displayed proudly. It makes me laugh that I picked that. It beats the used hair dryer or the Christmas cd that had Luther Vandross and Gloria Estefan as some of it's featured artists. The theme was garage sale so the gifts were mainly stuff people had around the house that they would put up for sale at a yard sale. I brought a pilates video and a work out ring. Late night advertising works on me so I do not allow myself to watch it anymore.

What was really cool about the team lunch was being away from the phone for 2 hours. People are so full of holiday cheer as it gets closer to Christmas that I actually had a few f-bombs get lobbed at me. Everyone wants to buy little Susie her my little pony dream house and little Billy the car smash-a-rama flying spaceship. What they don't want to do is pay bills and when you tell them they are about to cancel if a payment is isn't received they get downright nasty. Guess what Christmas did not just jump out of the shadows and bite you in the butt. If you wanted to buy all these expensive gifts you should have planned for it or get people used to a big bowl of nothing for Christmas. When you are as bad with money as I am, and I have been paying my bills (for the most part), it is hard to see their point. I mean you either stay insured or you buy an expensive gift... seems like a no brainer. Yet it's my fault. So yeah the best part was being away from those people for 2 hours....

Anyway that is another edition of boring work stories from Mike!

Tune in next time when I explain the wonderful world of ACW! The mystery of why the high level people think you should not ever ever use it versus the reality that you should actually use more. Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel!

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