Monday, December 17, 2007

The Writing Thing

Well I am on page 110 of my first edit and I only have 50 pages left to review. It is not going too bad, what is the real bear is retyping it all. Some of the edits are big rewrites where I rework an idea and some are tiny word changes or sentence restructuring. It is taking forever. I am on page 38 of the retyping process. I now have 50,960 words in this story and it fluctuates a bit as I correct, delete and rewrite but it always seems to end up around that number when I quit for the day. I have some major edits coming up and it may actually shrink a little bit. We will see soon enough. I am hoping to have the first draft out to a few of you, who have been kind enough to volunteer to be editors, before the 12th of January. That is my goal. Hopefully I hit it.

The 12th is also the day I go for orientation for my masters degree program.... and that is why the goal of getting the first edit done is set so quickly after I just got done writing it. I may have chose the end of February otherwise. To tell you the truth I had originally hoped Christmas would see the end of my first edit and it still might but the retyping portion will take the other couple weeks.

Wish me luck.

Oh and what do I want for Christmas? Money. I am saving to buy a cheap laptop to make my writing and my schooling a little more mobile. Anyway have a good week and remember Christmas is next Tuesday. You can always order that special someone a totally awesome calendar or t-shirt.

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