Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Do you want the address?"

I went to the dentist and had my teeth and gums assaulted today. I set up my next appointment for September. We shall see if I have a new job and insurance when that rolls closer. I selected this dentist when I lived in Milwaukie, OR but I like her and her staff so I have no desire to find someone new. So it is actually next to the Clackamas Town Center (AKA the mall). So I headed in and wandered around the mall after my appointment. It was either that or face congestion on the way home. There have been a lot of new things opened since I moved. A new REI, a bunch of food places, and quite a few new stores. The inside got a complete upgrade and it is a nicer mall to wander around in. They also opened a movie theater! AFTER I MOVED AWAY!!!! I was looking for a backpack that was made for a laptop and ended up going to several places. I bought a messenger bag when I bought the computer but the weight kills me if I take a walk with it on. With summer coming I know I will want to be moving around outside more and I will want to drag it along where ever I go in case I come across free wifi. So I want a backpack so that it is more comfortable on my back and so both shoulders can carry the weight. The messenger bag is great for in and out but if I want to wander about my shoulder starts hurting and so does my lower back. It's awful. I went to several places looking for a backpack: REI, Target, Radioshack, Best Buy, and Walmart. I found a few at each of these places but the bags I liked were all priced at 70 to 80 bucks! The 30 to 40 dollar ones looked like little more then a regular backpack and seemed to lack the padding that had led me to my original choice of messenger bags. So I did not buy one today as I am going to keep looking and maybe they will go on sale.

I decided to pick up a frozen delight for lunch tomorrow and stopped at my local grocery store. I saw some kids with face paint and masks on and they were riding the little motorized carts around. I was wondering what that was all about but I thought "Do I really want to know?" The answer was no. So I went about shopping. When I was all paid up and was headed outside the two kids were out there carrying on. The store employees were ignoring them and acting like they were some disease ridden zombie corpse walking around looking for brains. The kids were yelling weird things and startling the old folks as they walked past. They left me alone though... Anyway they kept yelling something about "Short Bus" and "In Your Face at MySpace". It was quite pathetic and at the same time kind of strangely interesting. One of the kids yelled "We're on MySpace! Do you want the address? It's!" Which made me chuckle. Anyway I was thinking on my way home that those kids were marketing geniuses because I knew I would have to blog about it and I am considering looking them up on MySpace. I was thinking they have this whole idea of "Viral" advertising down. I am not sure how effective it will be in the long run but my first bit of annoyance slowly became one of admiration. Good job you annoyingly little 14 year olds!

Oh and "Do you want the address? It's!"

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