Friday, February 01, 2008

This weekend and my Superbowl endorsement

I am very excited about going to the Blazer game and having my dad visit this weekend. I am also excited about the upcoming Superbowl and hope the patriots run over Eli Manning. Preferably with a team bus in the parking lot but I will also take the defense sacking him the entire game. I have a wee bit of an issue with him if you couldn't tell. First there was the whole tantrum he threw when San Diego drafted him. He insisted on going somewhere else like a big baby and I just thought that was amazingly petty. I think I would rather be in San Diego with Ladanian over stupid New York. Yeah I said it, New York is stupid! Mainly because I hate their sports teams and no other real reason since I have never been there myself. The whole East coast is pretty lame... once again simply referring to sports. Boston seems to be the only place capable of producing a good team. The other reason I hate Eli is that he seems to get all this praise from the sportscasters but he is a terrible quarterback. Most of the teams touchdowns are made despite his best efforts. He tends to throw bad passes that put his recievers in jeopardy. He throws too high and they have to jump and get their legs swept as they do so which could result in a bad landing witrh a season ending and even a career ending injury. He also throws the ball away a lot, right to the sidelines like he thought the water boy was a potential reciever. The team has great recievers and a good running game and they are the reason they made it to the Superbowl not ELi. Eli is not a team leader, he is simply an idiot. Boo Eli!

Go Patriots!

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