Wednesday, February 27, 2008


It was beautiful today and all I could do was wish I was outside. The nice thing about Portland weather is how much it makes you love the sunny days. I never was that excited when I was in Phoenix. I always just said 'I bet it gets hotter sooner this year'. How pessimistic is that? Anyway it was absolute torture as I daydreamed about hikes and girl watching. I got none of that in. Instead I was taking calls from a bunch of half witted ungrateful jerks. Such is life. Anyway I wanted to go outside at lunch today but I did homework instead. I don't trust myself on super nice days. I may go outside and never come back. I need that paycheck!

So no jobs have even bothered to call e back after the first interview. I am not hirable I guess. NO new jobby job for me. Oh well whatever.

I have not done anything besides homework all week. Which is awesome.... Well ok so I have watched a few basketball games. We finally won one! Yay!

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