Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just a check in

I am at the Daily Cafe reading my textbook online. I love the fact that I can be away from home doing something I need to do anyway. The last class kept me chained to my home a lot considering all the reading a Master's program requires. This laptop was an excellent use of my tax refund. I needed to get this so I could stop feeling so trapped at home. I tend to get jumpy and irresponsible when I start feeling trapped. I do things like quit a job or take a trip when I don't have any time or money to really do so. So getting a little escape from the usual and to include some people watching is really helpful. It is helping me put things into perspective.
In work news, my company invited the Oregon unemployment people to come in and talk to us about how unemployment will work and what to do to make it easier on us. They also said that because I am in school I may be able to claim and not have to look for a job as well, letting me just focus on school. So if all my searching fails to lead to a job I have a backup plan. One of many. Once again I was really impressed by my company offering something to the people it has decided to ditch. Things could definately be worse.

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