Sunday, February 24, 2008

My weekend and a mini review of Into The Wild

It would seem that the weekend has come to it's inevitable end. Unfortunately it's time to reenter the work world and the awful Monday is bearing down. I got a few things done this weekend. I was really active Saturday. I ran errands and went to school and all the important things that go along with that. Then I went and saw Into The Wild. It was a pretty damn cool movie. **Spoiler warning: I am talking about the movie a little here so if you do not know the story and would like to keep it that way then stop here and restart at the next italicised line.** The tale is ultimately a sad one but a lot of interesting ideas sprang up in my head during and after the movie. I was impressed by the whole feel and look of the movie and glad I finally was convinced to see the movie. It was interesting to watch this young man fighting so hard to find peace in his life. I felt like he needed to stop and look around a little sooner and he would have found it in the people he met and befriended. If he had there would be no movie of course but I was just wondering what would have happened had he made it out of Alaska when he had attempted to leave. What would an intelligent and seemingly compassionate person with those experiences come back and done? What would have been his new pursuit? Would he have set the world ablaze? Would he write tales that would seem to channel Kerouak? I wanted that question answered and I felt strangely irritated with the end he met because I felt that he was incredibly self involved and that he needed to focus his energy on something more constructive. It amazed me that he never noticed how his absence affected people, everyone in the movie wanted to talk him out of this Alaskan obsession or to at least let his family know he was alive. He fought them on that the entire time, forever fixated on finding peace in isolation and living off the land. It was a compelling story and I liked the way the movie put it together. Now I intend to read the book, which I have heard is infinitely better then the movie even though that person had also liked the movie. Unfortunately because they just made this book into a movie all the used copies are gone and I do not want to pay the full price of $13.95 so I will have to wait. I am interested in how the book was put together since it was based on a real person. I want to know if anyone bothered to look up these people he met on the road and get their stories from them. I am as fascinated in the writing of the book as I am in the book itself. Maybe I am more fascinated in how the book came to be then I am the book but only slightly.
**OK I am not talking about the movie anymore.**
Anyway I woke up this morning early like I had on Saturday but today I was able to fall back asleep and I did so. I was not feeling nearly as motivated so I lounged around watching old movies and debating going to the Grove or not. I skipped out on the Grove (Sorry guys) mainly because I was feeling incredibly tired and apathetic. I plan on making it next Sunday though. I did a little errand tonight in the form of grocery shopping and then I read some of my homework and did a little online reconnaissance for the team paper due this week. Then I decided to write something here before calling it a night.


Robert said...

I'm currently a little more than 1/2 way done with the book and would be willing to send it to you when I've finished and you could return it back when your done? The book will answer many of your questions...

Michael Williams said...

That would be great. Since I am such a cheap ass. Thanks