Saturday, January 12, 2008

How am I doing? No! How are you doing!?

Some people asked me how I was doing yesterday. Well, I don't know, I was off and had nothing that I really needed to do. So I guess I was doing pretty good and I still am. I know now that I have to get another job by or before June. I can look and still be a little picky since I am employed. Still I have to look for a job and I am close to getting motivated. You may be thinking "Wait... You aren't motivated yet?" Well yes and no. I am ready to have a new job that is not disappearing in June but I am not ready to start the hunt... I hate the hunt. I hate that you send out a bunch of resumes and you might get a call back on 1 but the other 20 just kind of go no where. It seems like if you run an ad you should at least tell people to buzz off. I hate interviewing because it is more about wording the answer that they want to hear in the best possible way rather then finding out if you are the right fit for the job. When anyone is honest they don't get the job. Try answering "To pay the bills" when they ask why you applied for a job with their company and see how far you get. Anyway I am getting myself mentally prepared for the hunt and I hope to be sending out the resume by next week. The resume is already up to date from a few months ago when we thought we were toast then. I should have followed my instincts and kept looking but it all comes back to hating the hunt.

Anyway I was off yesterday so I watched 3:10 to Yuma. It was pretty violent but I liked it. I don't really feel like reviewing it since my mind was divided yesterday between wondering 'now what?' and viewing the film. So some scenes I was thinking 'what is going on?' but I am not sure if that was the movie or just me. Then I headed to a meeting for the Grove Review. Where I joined the small group of people for a beer and we talked about things that need to get done and whatever else floated through our heads. It was a nice break from worrying about my job. I exchanged my stack for a new stack of poetry to be read and we parted ways. I went South to a place called Philadelphia's and had a philly cheese steak and an Independence IPA. I was happy and contented so I headed back to my apartment where the evening plan I had been hoping would go from a maybe to a definite got washed down the drain so I watched TV all night instead. This morning I got up and decided to fill you in on how I was doing and tell you I had a good day yesterday. When I am done writing and editing this blog entry I am going to shower and then head to my orientation for school at 1:30.

Hope you all have a good weekend.

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