Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Interviews are dumb

Well I am writing from home at 10:30 in the morning on a Wednesday. I just got back from my interview for the Sales position at my current company. Nothing bad is happening to the sales team in Portland just the service side. Anyway I am also combating a cold so I took the rest of the day off. I dragged my sorry carcass in for the interview and I think I single handedly sunk any hope of getting this position. My brain was not up to speed and the questions they asked kept stumping me. These questions are new since I last had a parade of interviews. They take stupidity to a whole new level. I hate being asked to say what a person who likes me and a person who doesn't like me would say my weaknesses are. I don't know. Next time I have a free moment I will go slug someone and say 'now that you don't like me what would you say my weaknesses are?' Here is the thing... I don't care what people who don't like me say or feel about me. I really don't think that is a question I would ask someone who likes me either. Who has answers for this pscho-analytical bs? I can come up with a lot of weird wild stories off the top of my head but these interview questions were not working for me. As many of you faithful readers know I was no stranger to the interview. I interviewed all over the place for all types of positions. The questions were almost all the same and I had answers for them. Now I am out of practice and the questions are different and seem to be "Let's talk about why you suck!" Well I have a phone interview at 3, hopefully that goes better.


EdieS said...


So I did wonder what happened with you- I hope you are not too sick. Interviewing is a joke.

Robert said...

So just put on your best face and lie, sounds pretty easy (with the exception of being sick).

Michael Williams said...

Hi Edie,
Yeah I feel like crap and don't feel like talking to jerks on the phone. All I have really been able to do is sleep and watch tv. SO I just decided to stay home.

Interviewing is the main reason I am upset that the company has laid us off. I hate interviewing. I mean all it is about is figuring out what lie they want to hear.

Michael Williams said...

I have already done so twice... I have another interview tomorrow. I am all about the lies