Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A Rambling Review of The Wing Stop

First off I have to say Happy New Year! Hope 2008 is kind to you.

Last night I was without a plan and without a person to hang out with. Everyone was already busy, like my roommate who spent his night with his son. So I just decided to go out. I headed to a place near the movie theater I had found a movie to watch. The place was called The Wing Stop and I had been inundated by commercials on the cable channels and wanted to give them a shot. I stopped off to get a haircut(it was right next door) and then walked in to The Wing Stop. It was in a small spot. It was mostly kitchen but it had about 10 tables and 2 TV's. One of which was playing the Blazer game.... unfortunately their win streak ended as I ate wings and sipped a beer. Anyway The Wing Stop seems to have spread across the US pretty quickly as they have locations in 28 states. It has Troy Aikman on the web site saying these are the best wings he has ever had in his life. So far no one has asked him if these were the best wings he has had in anyone else's life.... Yeah.

So anyway they boast 9 flavors but while I was there I heard of 2 other flavors.... Insanity and medium, I did not order either of them. The flavors on the menu include Atomic, Cajun, Original Hot, Mild, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan, Hickory Smoked Barbeque, Hawaiian and Teriyaki. So I was in there deciding what to get and the guy suggested the meal deal. It had 10 wings that you could choose two flavors, seasoned fries and a beverage for 9 bucks. They have beer though.... so I upgraded the combo from a soda to a beer for 10.50. They had 4 beers on tap and 3 of them were good options and then they have a big cooler of even more options. I chose a Lagunitas IPA and the wing flavors of Original Hot and Lemon Pepper. As I sipped my beer and watched the Blazer game they started frying those wings up, which is cool that they don't have it pre-made. Soon I was presented with my wings and fries and I dug in. The first thing I noticed was I did not like the seasoning on the fries. If I was to do fries again, they were the kind with the tater skins still on and they should have been awesome, I would have them skip the seasoning and salt them myself. The Lemon Pepper Wings were good but they were too salty. If they would cut the salt by a lot the flavor is nice and could be an outstanding wing option. The Original Hot was the greatest disappointment. There was something about it that I did not like and it wasn't that they were hot because they were not. As far as the wings go the level they were cooked too were awesome. I am interested enough in them to go and try again but those 2 flavors are off my list. I think I may do the Cajun and Hawaiian next time. So would I recommend it.... well I am not sure but I am willing to try it again. Let me know if you go and find out I am wrong or find the wing flavor I have to have....

Click The Wing Stop to go to their website.

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