Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A Rambling Review of I Am Legend

Shortly after the hair cut and the wings (see the review of The Wing Spot below) I headed over to the theater. I went and saw 'I Am Legend'. Now this was a movie I wanted to see. When I saw the preview at the theater I said "Wow.... I want to see that!" My roommate was saying "I do not want to see that" at the exact same time. So I knew this would be a movie I would see by myself. Since he had plans with the small fry I figured this would be a good time to see it. Well that is all the introduction I feel like putting out there so with out further ado here is the Rambling Review of I Am Legend.

This is a total spoiler warning!
If you do not want the movie spoiled just skip this paragraph and begin reading at the next bold sentence. This spoiler does not include the ending, just a lot of plot details....

In the near future the cure for cancer is found. It cures every one all the time.... unfortunately it's side affects include turning you into a man eating monster. Within 3 years the world has been decimated. We meet our compelling protagonist, Robert Neville, in an urban waste land. It's New York City like you have never seen it and it is completely empty. He is the only human left and his only counterpart is a dog named Sam. Robert Neville is a scientist/doctor that worked for the army and had at one time been charged with the task to figure out how to reverse the damage the cure had wrought. They are regulated by Robert's watch and it seems he spends part of the day hunting deer with a automatic rifle and a Ford Mustang with the window sticker still in the car window. He is about to get one when a lion jumps out scaring me half to death and chomps down on the deers neck. His wrist watch goes off and he glances at the sky to see it setting and he tells Sam it is time to go as they slowly back up. He gets to his home and does a lot to cover the signs he lives there, he eats dinner and then washes the dog when his watch goes off again he closes all the windows with metal shutters and bars the doors. You see him in the fetal position in the tub as the scary sounds of the night increase. The next day he gets up goes to his lab where he continues to try and cure the plague and sees a promising development in one of his rats, then he works out and sets out for another day. He spends part of the day sitting on a pier waiting for survivors that he does not really believe will come, another part of the day checking out apartments for usable supplies, and the other getting another movie from the rental place. As he walks in he talks to the mannequins he has set up outside the store and he interacts with the mannequins in the store. He deposits some movies and grabs a few while looking over at a female mannequin that he seems to be interested in. She seems more interested in the adult dvd section. He asks the mannequin store clerk who she is but of course he is met with silence, he bids the mannequin a good day as he says he grabbed a movie from the middle of the G section. He heads out to pick corn where he has a conversation with his dog Sam and somehow ends up promising to talk to the mannequin the next day. He heads home and we flash to the next day where he is once again hunting for deer and they are tracking it when it darts off into a dark building. Sam follows it in and ends up being trapped inside. Robert goes after the dog and sees a nest of human like monsters. He rescues the dog unhurt luckily but he goes back to capture one of them so he can try out his new serum he had seen succeed with the rats. It does not work but we find out more about the virus. Apparently it is airborne for humans but he is immune, the other way to get it is a bite and that is how dogs can get it. Meanwhile as this is all going on he has been having flashbacks where we learn he was the army's top scientist and heralded as the savior from the virus. We also learn he had a wife and a daughter. We see Manhattan's last days as a thriving mecca as it is deemed a quarantine zone and he rushes to get his wife and daughter off the island. He is staying because it is also ground zero and he is determined to see the cure through. The disease becomes airborne and decimates the world's human population but he still is searching for the cure now years later. A bad thing is he has become a person of interest for a leader type for the people monsters. He takes one of the mannequins from outside the movie store to another spot. This catches Robert's eye and he goes totally nuts and falls right into the exact trap he had set for the person he had captured. He is hanging suspended and out cold while the dog is barking and his watch is going off. When he wakes up the sun is going down. He cuts himself free and ends up getting hurt further. As the sun continues to set the head monster dude comes out with three huge mutated dogs. He is trying to get out of there and back to his car as the dogs pounce. His dog Sam is battling as hard as it can as he finally grabs the gun and starts firing at the Hell hounds. He manages to take the three down but not before his dog gets bitten. He takes her home but loses her to the disease. Mad with grief he goes out but without the watch regulating him. He talks to the mannequin chick like he promised Sam but of course she never speaks back and he is begging her to speak, it was crazy. Then he is sitting on the pier as night comes and you are like 'What are you doing WILL!' but then as the monsters are advancing a car comes blaring into them and he is in the car getting revenge. The battle is intense and he almost dies but a smart, healthy and more importantly real woman finds him and rescues him. She takes him back to his house as we see in a flashback the fate of his wife and child..... The woman brings with her hope that he does not believe in because he is a man of belief and not hope or faith. Will she lead him to salvation? Will he let her?

My 2 cents...
I liked this movie. I was engaged and watching all these happenings in horrified awe as the magnitude that the movie takes on is displayed. A completely deteriorating Times Square? Fantastic really. There is a scene where he is practicing his golf swing on top of a Blackbird spy plane that is on top of an air craft carrier. The fabled bridges are in ruins cutting the island off from the rest of the world but unfortunately not able to stem the plague's fearsome spread. He is in a world all by himself and it is compelling. I really liked this movie and I enjoyed his moments of psychosis as he talks to the mannequins. I would totally recommend this movie. It was very interesting and Will Smith did a great job.... again.

One thing I would caution you is if you are like the idiot behind me who kept whispering super loudly and making disgusted noises when Will was talking to the mannequins.... never ever ever run in to me again because I will totally end you! I even said audibly 'Shut up you idiot!' which is something I never do. Well mostly. Of course you paid it no mind. You should be grateful no one has bought me a tazer or you would have been tazed the entire movie.... I HATE YOU, YOU MORON!

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