Monday, January 21, 2008

The Return of RTA!

Yes you read that right. I am announcing the 2nd Annual Repetitive Task Awards. This time with a firm deadline in place, February 16th.

What is the Repetitive Task Awards about?
Well it's an award show for people that are not overpaid sports stars, actors or musicians. It is an award show for the average joe. It awards those that do the same tasks daily to pay the bill collectors. The little guy needs recognition.

How can I be part of the Repetitive Task Awards?
First of all you can't be famous or rich. Second you need to have a job you do that you may or may not like. You need to be a wage donkey. Third you need to be nominated. You can nominate yourself but people need to be nominated and there needs to be a reason. Like I nominate myself for the Going To Work award because I have not played hookey in over a year. I of course can not participate so that is an example.

What kind of tasks are being awarded?
I am glad you asked. The first is Going to Work. The second is Paying Bills. The third is Answering Your Phone. And the fourth is for Packing a Lunch to Work Daily.

What if I think your categories are lame?
Feel free to suggest one and if it is popular or cool I will bump one of mine for it. Remember to really sell the idea.

What if noone nominates themselves?
Well then nobody wins. I will only award 4 people in 4 seperate categories so if you want to win and no one is in a category pitch your tent there.

Can I protest?
Sure.... as my cousin found out it doesn't deter me. In fact I find it all very amusing. Hence the 2nd Annual RTA.... In fact protesting might net you an RTA this year. It really should have last year.

The Prizes?
Well I have not designed it yet but I am coming up with the idea. I will announce them later. Which brings up a good point. I will need addresses if you win. I will actually send you some stupid award trinket.... They are awesome. Just ask my dad since he was the only winner last year.

The Fine Print
I want an acceptance speech.... so if you nominate yourself please have an acceptance speech ready in case you win.


Robert said...

I can't believe you're going through with this!!! There is a foolish writer's strike and you are asking people to cross the "lines." Shame on you!

Michael Williams said...

Hahahahahaha.... uh I can always take time to make up reasons to award people for doing what they do anyway... I am not asking people to cross any line since I am the only writer. Hello!

Robert said...

That's no different than Leno writing his own monologues. Yeah, it's his show, he is a comedian, why can't he write his own jokes... b/c of the stupid strike! So by writing your own material, you are taking work away from some starving, underpaid guild writer. And you would want people to partake in your spectacle by writing their own acceptance speeches, etc?

Michael Williams said...

I feel like saying you bring up a good point but you don't. Nobody that is nominated for any of these awards get paid to write.... No network is sponsoring or airing the show. No money has ever been made off of my RTA's... SO I don't even get paid so I think these are two separate things.

Jay Leno may write a lot of his material but I highly doubt he writes all of it or that he does it alone. That is a lot of things to make fun of every night. You can't possibly come up with a winner every time. He has writers just like everyone else.

Robert said...

You've been protested...

--------picket line--------

All who cross, are sponsoring an evil, non-money making enterprise (maybe your not CBS but oh well).

I hope this forces the RTA's into re-runs...

Michael Williams said...

Well... so far you are the only participant... so yeah it looks a lot like last year. It might be the start of a trend... you may have doomed us all Robert! Happy now? Our world will fall into chaos and our sun will die.

Yeah thanks a lot...