Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Weekend and the return to The Wing Stop

Well it was a good ending to a bad week. It was potluck day at work and I brought chocolate and Chex mix. There was a lot of good stuff there too eat and I did so... all freaking day actually. Man.... I was full when I left work. I was so busy eating and playing phone tag with a person calling about my resume that I only took about 2/3 of the calls I normally take. My company set up an interview with me for a sales position (sales is not getting the boot just service). That will happen Wednesday and so will a screening interview for another position at another company. So Wednesday is a big day. I ended the night by eating Thai food. It was great.

Saturday was interesting I went out to eat at Old Chicago. I had the beer I had wanted the night before and their pizza rolls and antipasto salad. Then I headed down and watched a movie and then another one. I will review them both but not in this entry. To end the day I went back to the Wing Stop. I ordered the Hawaiian and Cajun flavored wings. I skipped the beer and had them give me non-seasoned fries. I kind of liked the Cajun, I would have done it a little different but I did enjoy eating them so that is what counts. The Hawaiian was a little disappointing. I was not sure what it was that I expected but it was not what I ate. They weren't bad just I had expected like a pineapple flavor or something but it wasn't really that. It was like a weak teriyaki and barbeque combination. The fries without the seasoning was quite a bit of an improvement. I was able to control the salt. I think I want to try the Garlic Parmesan flavor... I am sure it will be like the lemon pepper and be way too salty which is why I skipped it. So far I am not sold on the whole idea of the Wing Stop but I am not completely against it. I will probably go there again if I see a movie at the theater but I am not going there only to have the wings.

Today I went to the Grove and I read a bunch of poetry, some was good and but a lot were bad. Right now I am watching Football and rooting for Green Bay... I hate Eli with a passion. Anyway I think I will start the reviews for the movies I saw.

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