Monday, January 21, 2008

A Rambling Review of Juno

So the bonus movie I saw on Saturday was far better then the one I paid for and it seemed that I stumbled into the theater by chance. I was debating where to go and had kept walking past movies I did not want to see and was at the end of the row. I was looking at the Water Horse, Sweeney Todd or Juno. I went for Juno because the commercials had made me laugh and the Water Horse had made me want to punch small fluffy animals. (not really the commercial just made me not want to see it) As luck would have it I made a smart choice as this movie had not started yet but was moments away from doing so. Within 2 minutes the lights dimmed and the movie started....

What's it about? A spoiler warning: I won't tell as much as I did about Cloverfield because I don't have a grudge against this flick but I may tell some plot points so just be warned.

So Juno is a girl and we learn in the middle of the movie her name is from the mythological Juno not the town in Alaska. Anyway we are introduced to her as she is downing a jug of Sunny D! I was wondering how she was getting it all down when she walks into a little grocery store and grabs a pregnancy test. Apparently her third test since she had not liked what the first 2 had said. So she is pregnant and the boy behind it is the kid who was also in Superbad, not the bespectacled dorky McLovin kid but the other dorky skinny kid. The interesting thing is he is not a jerk and kind of finds out she is pregnant and that she is 'taking care of it' all in one fell swoop. You kind of feel bad for him since he does not seem to know what is going on or how to react. Our main character Juno has quite the swagger and she is head strong so I was automatically rooting for her. She decides to go to Women Now and have an abortion. She happens to know the lone protester and stops to converse with her and the protester tells her that babies have fingernails and for whatever reason that is the straw that breaks the camels back. She decides to have the baby and give it up for adoption. Her best friend helps her find the right parents by looking in the Pennysaver.... I had no idea you could sell or buy a baby via the Pennysaver. Then she goes to tell her dad and stepmom who handle her pregnancy very well. Meanwhile the poor guy is kind of like not even an issue. The next thing you know you meet the adopters. Jennifer Garner is a neat freak who desperately wants kids and you can tell by her house she has no clue what children are about. Then there is the husband who seems pretty cool he used to be in a band and seems to be the odd piece that does not quite fit into Jennifer's puzzle. So anyway Juno starts getting bigger and we watch this wise cracking girl deal with a lot of things that people her age are not supposed to have to but she does deal with them very well. She also made me laugh a lot. I liked this movie and I recommend you see it to see how the pregnancy, the non mother like wannabe mom, the ex-rocker husband, the boy who got left behind and a slightly strange but well meaning family cope with a strange situation. It is clever and funny. At times somethings she says and the way she said it channeled Napoleon Dynamite a bit but she is smarter then he ever could be and if you hated him you won't hate her. It is funny that the act that started all this is often referred to having occured because she was bored.... I wish I had more bored girls around me. Not for them to get pregnant but for the other reason... hehehe.

Anyway see the movie... I would even have paid for this one. I wish I had paid to see it instead of giving my money to Cloverfield.


EdieS said...

Wow- a teen pregnancy movie that doesn't have the moral of:

1) girls are sluts;

2) sex is bad for teens

3) underage pregnancy is wrong

4) an underage pregnancy will destroy families.

How nice. I want to see it- it seems like a genuinely family oriented film.

Michael Williams said...

Yeah pretty much. The message is basically a lot of teens are sexually active it happens... now lets help them deal with it. The stepmom says "Teens have sex because they are bored" and I was in tears with laughter. Lots of things happen when your bored.

She does get some disapproval from people and she is a notable outcast in the school but you get the feeling she is used to being an outcast because she handles it well.

Anonymous said...

Good movie. I thought it was very cute. I liked Alison Janney in this. She was different from her tv role in the West Wing. I loved the seen when she gives the ultrasound tech the riot act.

Michael Williams said...

Alison Janney had a great role in this. She was cracking me up through out but when she read the riot act to the ultrasound technician that was awesome. Anyway thanks for dropping by and commenting.